Tug and workboatsReliability

The marine environment demands equipment of the highest level of quality to ensure reliable operations.

HS.MARINE design focus is RELIABILITY combined with easy and low maintenance.

All components have been designed and selected to guarantee world wide availability, easy inspection, low maintenance and easy service.

The quality of our components, the quality of our design, our obsession to details, our tough testing, make our crane THE RELIABLE SOLUTION.

We are proud to say that we do not let our customers down.Our cranes are prepared for the tough marine environment and we are also prepared to support our customers anywhere at any time.

We design to last.

Excellence demands ATTENTION to details: this is the reason why we have a real OBSESSION TO DETAILS.
We listen to our customers and we know that small details can make a major difference.
The crane execution, the extreme quality and our attention to details will offer many years of safe and reliable operation at low costs of maintenance.
The HS.MARINE design concept, the quality of the components and the HS.MARINE surface treatment reduce maintenance and lifetime costs, simplify inspection and minimize the need for spares and recoating As our cranes have a long life, we offer the best value that money can buy.
This is the reason why our customers prefer HS.MARINE cranes.